I'm giving YOU the chance to go behind the scenes of one of my 1:1 private coaching sessions, so you can watch my client's confidence transform in less than an hour.

"I don't know how to create my dream," my client said.
The Truth Is...
You DO know how to create your dream. 
The answers are already inside of you. 

You just need help to discover what you already know in order to realize just how powerful you already are

Let me show you how.

Hello, I'm April!
I coach others to confidently achieve their dreams.
April Cunningham, Dream Accelerator and Confidence Coach
I recognize the best version in others & I am naturally able to hold up a mirror so that YOU can see it, too.
And you know what? I once had an "impossible" dream. I was afraid to fail. I was afraid of what others would think. I was afraid that what I wanted was crazy, stupid, or reckless.

But then, I made the commitment to create my dream 
in spite of whatever setbacks, challenges, "failures" would come my way. 
I chose to be courageously relentless.
I chose to create a beautiful life of intention. 
I chose to be creative.
I chose ME.

And the best part of all of this?? I can coach YOU to do it, too.
Watch a behind-the-scenes real coaching session & see the transformation for yourself.

Many of us are often nervous, intimidated, or cautious when it comes to hiring a coach. 

What goes on in a coaching call? Can it really make a difference in my life? 

I totally get it, which is why I'd love to offer you the chance to peek into a real coaching conversation with my client, Flo, an entrepreneur with a big dream to connect people across timezones and experiences. As I coach her, I hope that you'll also find takeaways you can use in your own life. 

Watch as I lead her on a journey of discovery to answer her most pressing question about how to create the business of her dreams. 

It turns out that the answer she seeks is already inside of her.