For women who have a big, scary dream that, if achieved, would change everything.
The One & ONLY Secret To Confidently Ask For
Anything You Want
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Get ready to feel CLEAR, CALM and READY to take the next step toward your dreams.
In This LIVE Training, You Will Discover...
What's keeping you small and holding you back. 

Learn the beliefs and mindsets that are standing in your way of living your life confidently and fully expressed.
Real, actionable steps and one important secret that will unleash your power. 

Learn the secret and the one practice that will make your confidence in everything you do soar like never before.
How to stop being afraid of your power. 

Enough already! Learn how to take back your power at any moment, in any room, in order to unleash the most authentic YOU.
Hi, I'm April!
I coach others to confidently achieve their dreams.
I'm a Dream Accelerator and Confidence Coach for women ready to rid themselves of the fear and doubt that hinders them from confidentally achieving their dreams. I'm able to recognize the best version in others & hold up a mirror so that YOU can see it, too.

In my past career, I suffered from massive Imposter Syndrome. So, yes, even though I had my degree and years of experience, I STILL felt like a fraud. I lived in dread that my coworkers and employers would find out that I didn't belong, that I didn't deserve the paycheck, that I wasn't good enough. I was crippled by a lack of confidence. 

Finally, after the occurrence of a tragic and emotional family event, I realized that I had been wasting precious time existing instead of enjoying my life and loving my work. I wanted to stop being afraid. That's when everything changed. 

I started challenging my fears by conquering them one by one. 

I can teach YOU to do it too.
What Others Have Said
"April confidently walked me through several experiences that grounded me in my feelings and my truth as a creative. I was able to address a few underlying issues impacting my growth as an entrepreneur in ways that I haven't been able to see through alone. Her energy was calm, safe, and affirming...In an hour, I've walked away with more than I have been able to conceptualize in a year."

- LaTonia S.C.
"April has a knack for asking difficult but guiding questions that prompted me to reflect on my underlying assumptions and goals. She challenged me to figure out what makes me truly happy…With her help, I've grown much more confident in and satisfied with my professional life…!" 

- Laura W.
Are You Ready To Transform Your Confidence 
And Boldly Ask For Anything You Want?
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